Now I don’t exactly have proof that the big sugar sack lying by the side of the road contains 5 heads but I would be very surprised if it didn’t.

A couple of days ago I found the route that allowed me to extend my run beyond an hour.

It begins from my house on Calle Victoria and doglegs to the northeast where I pick up a semi-rural road that cuts back west terminating at gated community called Rancho Dorado. The road first runs past a small gated community on the left, then a cemetery, and then there is a small brick making operation on the right that sits on the road side edge of acre after acre of pastures and fields. The air doesn’t clear up until well past the brick kiln where they use everything imaginable to fire the brick. The mud is hand mixed and put into 8 lot molds and air dried much like I would have thought the Mesopotamians did it 4000 years ago although I reckon it took maybe another 1000 years to figure out that firing the brick made them stronger. Mexico brick makers, being on the peso economy and all, have extrapolated their energy requirements to include those things that are rich in underutilized petroleum products- like old tires – to fire the final process step. And it really isn’t a kiln inasmuch as huge heap of bricks stacked over and around freaking big hot smoldering fire.
So this road is remote in a way but then again not, and is quintessentially Mexican in that it is just another place where you can do what you want.

Anyway, this road runs straight for about a mile before taking a sharp left hand turn where it turns from tarmac to an improvised cobblestone made from mostly river rock and then runs its final 200 yards uphill where it terminates at a gate. It was 50 yards before the turn on the right hand side of the road where I saw the bag sitting more or less on shoulder; that is if Mexican roads had shoulders.

I literally jumped. My intuition told me something was wrong. I passed it but looked back over my shoulder because something about it gave me the creeps. It was an old white sugar sack of the industrial size that originally held 100 lbs of sugar or thereabouts.

This bag was now about a third full and held several lump like shapes. The bag was tightly tied off, not once but twice, with heavy twine. On my run back I clearly remember that it wasn’t there the day before and I made sure to give it a very wide birth as I passed it.

Yesterday the northwesterly wind announced the presence of the bag 10 yards before I passed it and I once again gave it as much berth as the road allowed. The sack was covered with flies and contained something recently dead and whatever it held it was seriously into the spoiling stage. I wasn’t going to let my imagination run wild even although I couldn’t keep the image of 5 severed heads out of my mind. And I thought, if it was bad guys they’d want to make it public like when they left a cut up body that was hacked up into 10 pieces and left in bags in the plaza (3 blocks from my house) a couple of months ago. I tried to include other possible scenarios like maybe it was a Mexican dog burial? But no, dead animals, pets included, don’t get trussed up in a sugar sack and left so neatly by the side of the road. And most certainly don’t get doubled tied off with strong twine.

I told Lulu this morning (my 21 year old English student) that I found a great place to run. I described where and she told me that her father ran that some route early every morning with a buddy of his. She then asked me what time I ran there and I told her that I ran mid-day. She told me that was good because after dark it was a very dangerous road.  I asked dangerous how and she said gangsters. I was not able to get from her the why of what gangsters would be doing on that road at night. So all I know is that a cartel somehow and for whatever reasons uses that road at night.

Creepy huh? Something dead, trussed up in a bag lying on the side of a road that’s used by the bad guys.
Personally, I think its 5 heads.