I had lunch with my friend Pancho. He rang me at 10:50 am and asked me up for tacos. My house is just a 5 block walk to his house. He, Cecelia and I walked to the tiny taco stand perched at the top of Calle Dos de Abril. Tacos were a choice between beef steak and liver.

I had 2 liver and 1 beef steak. They were served with the customary cilantro, chopped onion, and spicy salsa served with sides of whole grilled green onions and whole grilled jalapenos. They had a smoky flavor and a texture that was more like meat than veggie. Tacos in the Mercado can run up to an outrageous sum of 7 pesos each but these were a mere 4 pesos each; maybe the cheapest in Sahuayo. I never had a liver taco before but I got to say that they were incredibly good.

There were half a dozen other customers standing around with plates of tacos in their hands. There were a couple of little girls who were flirtatious with this old gringo. I find it funny how quickly girls learn that there little bums and pretty faces have such a poignant value.