An ancient crone sweeps the plaza every morning using a broom whose design is one of the few things in the city that pre-dates her. The broom is a cudgel like stick, the foot constructed out of pliable green sticks taken always from the same species of bush that she binds to the length with wire and leather straps.


Bad people think twice about harming a child down here. Neighborhood and family backlash would be so swift that the only police action required would be calling the coroner.


I saw a man with a missing right hand working in the doorway of his house building small wooden toys for sale. When we exchanged waves I saw that he had effectively done a Velcro type thing whereby he’d attached a small hammer to his stump. I thought to myself, ‘That is a true MexiCAN’. After I sufficiently marveled over his ‘can do’ spirit my mind mirthfully wandered over the other attachment like possibilities. Like did he have a back scratcher attachment or maybe more importantly – an attachment for affixing toilet tissue to?