I have 3 blisters, a cut on the bottom of my big toe and a thorn puncture wound on my left foot. My right foot has 3 blisters. Test driving new sandals in the harsh terrain of Michoacán is sometimes down right painful.

I don’t go out for a 10 minute run around the block; my last run was 2.5 hours. I think that is what it takes to read the nuances in a new sandal.

 The development of the Sahara Running Sandal is now in version 10. Here is a photo of the failures –



Yes, they all look pretty much the same, don’t they? The differences are in the details. Version 1 failed because the leather stretched. The fix was to stitch to it a lightweight lining; a special soft leather that doesn’t stretch.

Version 2 got a toe thong adjustment. Versions 3 -8 were all about the midsole; running stony Michoacán was literally hammering the balls of my feet into jelly.

For version 9 I switched fabricators and got the midsole problem fixed 100% to my liking but they hosed the upper; the toe thong was wrong, the lining was wrong, the stitching was wrong – all of which created new abrasive points which in turn caused the blisters that I mentioned earlier.

For version 10 I got crafty: I gave the good leather upper piece to the fabricator who built the perfect midsole and vice-versa I gave the perfect midsole piece to the fabricator who got the upper perfect.

So now I’ve got 2 competing fabricators; both having duplicate examples of what works in their hands, so odds have it that one of them is going to deliver that perfect version 10.