If you have read a previous post you will remember that I injured my right Achilles Tendon through a combination of over training coupled with a running in a piece of crap running sandal prototype.

I said that I intended to take a few days off while I iced my tendon and drank a tea brewed from the dried herb, Arnica; I also soaked my tendon in a warm Arnica stew made of the leftover steeping from the tea.

I went for an hour long run yesterday and while there were a couple of momentary occasions of tightness (which I walked off), the run went fine and my tendon appears to be right as rain so the therapy worked as intended.

Returning from breakfast in the mercado this morning I came upon a young villager who was selling bundles of fresh Arnica –


I bought these 2 bundles for 10 pesos. The fresh herb is surprisingly sticky and much more aromatic than the dried version.

I decided to brew a cup of it; it was that or make myself the usual 2nd cup of coffee. I said earlier that it tastes something like Camomile tea but I will add, with a more pine flavored  twist.

Read my earlier post – Healthy Feet Part 2 – Acute Tendinitis – for more information, especially if you decide to use the herb to treat an inflammation.

I will add that I learned that local folk lore says to limit your use to 7 days – that’s drinking the tea.