Although Raoul and I have several things in common; I know we’ll never be friends. Like, we are more than just next door neighbors, we share a wall.

And Raoul and I have the same landlord; a very nice couple by the name of Jaime and Alicia who own the houses we live in.

Both Raoul and his wife, Lupita are employed by Sergio making shoes and sandals for a living. I see Raoul every time I visit Sergio at his small factory.

Raoul likes the El Cito Cantina and so do I.

Raoul drinks beer and tequila and so do I.

Unfortunately Raoul and I have some irreconcilable differences in the way of personal values.

For instance Raoul and I look at things like personal property, crime, basketball, and loud Banda music in much (much) different ways.

For example I like basketball but Raoul doesn’t (and I am okay with that).

Raoul appears to be much more tolerant on the subject of crime; that is if you were to judge his criminal masterminded attempt of the break-in of my house last December as a key indicator.

Raoul and his family like loud Banda music and I don’t. And here is where our opposing views on basketball comes in.

Whenever I hear the volume go up I immediately take a break from whatever I happen to be doing at the time. I put my earplugs in then go down to my mostly empty second floor and fetch the basketball from under the stairwell.

The noise a basketball makes when it is thrown against a concrete wall in confined space is literally deafening.  I can’t begin to imagine how loud it sounds on the other side of the wall.

But Raoul knows.