Sarah and I finally committed last week and we made reservations to fly into Minneapolis on May 31st and depart July 1st.

Sarah gets in from Washington, DC at 6:00 pm and I arrive into MSP coming from Guadalajara about 50 minutes later.

Our plan is to do a 30 day running ‘loop’ beginning and ending in Minneapolis. We intend to run west towards S. Dakota and then turn north at some point and then back east to Duluth before turning south to return to Minneapolis.

Our goal is to do somewhere between 1000 and 1500 kilometers and give these new running sandals of ours a good shakedown.

Sarah’s ready (she ran the Potomac River Trail Marathon last Sunday in an astounding 3:07, coming in 3rd place) but I am not so sure about myself; I might be limping through half of it if this damned Achilles problem doesn’t get fixed.

It’s just pain isn’t it?