I made it out to Los Negritos and back for a total of 40 km which I did in 3.5 hours. 40 km (24 miles) was the goal that I set for myself 5 months ago when Sarah conceived of this hare-brained plan back in December to do a month long run the following summer.

I figured if I could do 40 km without any problem then I figured it would be bet-worthy to go along with her plan.

Post-run, the Achilles are [both] tight but that appears to be the extent of my soreness. And the fact that they are both tight is better than just the right one being hosed [again].

I am very happy with the results of the run. Extrapolating the time distance to a marathon would mean I would have turned in a 3:49 time; which is much better than what I did 16 years ago when I ran the California International Marathon in a 4:48 time (I think). But I cramped up at mile 20 which speaks volumes about my then training regime; meaning I didn’t have enough long training runs under my belt.

The longest run that I had done up until this Los Negritos run was 18 miles. So tacking on another 6 miles was almost anti-climatic.

So the simple fact that I did 24 mile run without cramps or any other problems makes me feel pretty good. And I did in sandals!

The sandals are proving to be awesome: good protection (against the rocks here in the devil’s own backyard), good motion control, and so light you don’t even really know that they are there.

Life doesn’t get much better for this old gringo runner.