There are only 18 days to go until we arrive in Minneapolis on the 31st to kick off the Grand Plan.

Sarah told me yesterday that she might have a stress fracture in her right foot (that’s what running a 3:07 marathon can do to you) and my training is being impacted by a serious 3 day old head cold.  Joy.

And there are some further but more minor complications like our preparations which have been all talk up until this point. But in all seriousness, how do you prepare for something that you’ve never done before?

It’s not like many people take their children on running vacations. And there aren’t a lot of books out there on how to manage the logistics of 1500 km, 30 day run. And for whatever reason, we don’t even have the exact route finalized yet. But we will. Running ain’t exactly very complicated and we’re going to do a big circle anyway. So hard can that be?

Now the professional record setters have to plan. Take Marshall Ulrich in his record setting 53 day run across the United States. He and his team spent weeks if not months garnering support, preparing, and planning.

And during the run he used a cargo van and support crew (including a masseuse) to keep him on course. When you’re seriously after a record you need people to run WiFi powered laptops and monitor GPS enabled smartphones; vigilant eyes watching maps, logging the distances, buying/preparing food, feeding you, pacing you and cajoling you as you run. Your job is to set a new record. Period.

In contrast, the entire effort expended so far by ‘Team Johan’ on our entire planning, logistical, and support preparedness is analogous to what I would imagine would be akin to something like the output of a bunch of maniacally dedicated gerbils spinning furiously in their treadmills; lots of happy thoughts and some sore feet.

But that might not be entirely fair as it’s not like we are completely empty handed or totally lacking in plans or resources at this point.

So far I have hunted and gathered 10 kilos of pinole to use as foodstuff along the way. And our support vehicle is going to be a second-hand retro-fitted baby jogging stroller. And we’re running in a big loop. Again, how hard can that be? In the immortal words of my running partner, [it might just be] ‘pure genius’.