The afternoon clouds are once again stacking up on the horizon signalling the beginning of rainy season.


After 7 months of dry season where it seemed each morning’s sunrise was more glorious than the previous; the drama now shifts to the late afternoons peaking with an equally unimaginably beautiful setting sun.


It is 6:25 am and I am listening to disc 1 of the Corelli Concerto Grosso which in my humble opinion ranks in the top ten of the most beautiful music ever created. I get the same feeling listening to it as I do Bach and wonder how a man can create something so perfect. I am drinking a cup of locally grown coffee that has been roasted and ground to Italian perfection. The air is cool and still.

I played basketball with Raoul for a couple of minutes this morning while waiting for my coffee to brew. It was my way of thanking him for turning on the water spicket in my laundry area sometime last night and letting it run. To do that he had Raoul Jr. creep over our common wall and climb down into my mostly roofless laundry area. I think it is his way of telling me that he can ‘get’ me. Fortunately Raoul is a moron who hasn’t the where-for-all to do anything more serious (or so I hope) than waste the municipality’s water.

Today is Day 3. Only 3 days remain until I meet up with Sarah in Minneapolis. And Saturday is the day we begin our epic run. I am smiling at the word epic. I’d be laughing if I combined it with another adjective like super to make for some amusing hyperbole as when I heard a radio announcer in North Carolina comment that someone had been ‘seriously killed’ in a boating accident.

If I were a bookie I don’t know how I’d handicap our run. Sarah has a sore right foot and I have a sore right foot. Under similar circumstances I’d be giving Seabiscuit an extra ration of oats and a couple of more days off. But we don’t have trainers; we have airplane tickets so we are more or less committed at this point. I am intending to run through the pain and just hope that the Achilles problem doesn’t get any worse. We don’t know how bad Sarah’s problem is. The podiatrist she saw last week said after he viewed the x-ray that it wasn’t a stress fracture but was an impact injury to the joint of the second toe where it meets the foot. Did he read the x-ray right? Who knows? Sarah says her foot is getting better. We’ll see. I ran 3 hours the day before and intend to do a moderately long run today.

Sarah’s hare-brained plan is all finally coming together. She’s already packed up her Washington, DC apartment and the moving guys come today. Her stuff goes to Oregon to await her in September when she begins her post-grad work and she and Daisy (her 15 year old Cockatiel) get on a plane tomorrow for California. We meet in Minneapolis on Friday. I can hardly wait.