Sarah and I met up in the Minneapolis Airport last night, on time and in an uncannily smooth almost supernatural way. She had managed to snag a baby jogging stroller and the young fellow that she bought it from delivered it to the airport just minutes before my arrival. The connection was so smooth in fact that we ran into each other just a few feet from the carousel where I picked up my checked bag which coincidentally was the same street side exit location from which the stroller guy came and went. (All in a very large airport with multiple terminals.)

We caught the shuttle to our hotel, dropped off our stuff and then took the same shuttle 10 minutes later to the Mall of the Americas where we sourced Sears for bungy cords to trick out our stroller.

We had breakfast at 7 am and we were packed and out the door by 8:15. There were some minor city departure problems but we finally landed about 9:30 am in a western suburb where we launched our run.

The weather was partially cloudy and about 65 degrees and we made a good effort of reaching the small town of Waconia by late lunch time. We powered up on pinole and vanilla milkshakes but had to shut our run down because the next serviceable town was 20 miles further away; too far for this jet lagged old dog.

Tomorrow the goal is 30 miles.

All is going well. Both of us have slightly sore feet and Sarah has a bit of a sunburn but we are looking forward to tomorrow.

There were some cultural things that I found disconcerting; which I will save the details of for a later post. But I will say that I was frankly shocked at how far the suburbs extend out from Minneapolis and shocked at the extent to which chain store America has homogenized the American landscape. And shocked at how fat and ugly most of the people are here. Where did all those tall Nordic blond babes disappear to? (Were they eaten by these savages?)