A very long, hard day; we expected that (sort of) but it was way too long and way too hard.

We knew Hutchinson was about 35 miles away; Sarah initially told me 30 miles, to make me feel better I guess. So we figured that if we left Waconia at 9 am that we’d be in ‘Hutch’ by 5 pm, tops.

Oh, no. We got into Hutch at 7:20 pm. That’s almost 10.5 hours on the road. We limped ran/walked the last 5 miles.

Distances we are discovering, especially considering the unmarked county roads (which don’t show up on the map) are highly deceiving. Two different ‘locals’ told us that it was 7 miles to Hutch from Silver Lakes. We reckoned, judging from mile markers and elapsed time that the distance was closer to 10 miles, which collaborated with Google Maps. So we might have done closer to 40 miles. But that is splitting hairs. The true metric was the pain and suffering. Sarah’s right foot/2nd toe problem was a problem before we left Waconia. My Achilles problem was on-again and off-again. After 7-8 hours of running we began to acquire additional problems like muscles getting tight. My entire legs from the groin to the calf were cramping by 8 hours. Our feet were hamburger after 9 hours. It seemed we were both progressing on bloody stumps at some point.

But we made it. It was the longest run as well as the longest day for both of us.

(Side note: Sarah pushed the jogging stroller 90% of the way. I was too slow. And she did it cheerfully. It is things like this that continues to remind me how truly extraordinary she is.)

We have a humorous Jacuzzi story but that will have to wait until after breakfast. We have to thank Mike from Michigan who let us ride along to Walmart to pick up much needed supplies like the Aloe Vera. And thanks to him we were able to enjoy a pizza and a pitcher of beer that would have been unreachable on foot from the hotel.

I am still unfavorably impressed with Minnesota. Running through the 3 little towns before Hutchinson, we encountered almost no living souls. We laughed that there must have been a massive alien abduction but it was still creepy. No kids out playing on a Sunday, although the weather was perfect, gave us both the shivers (as Owen Meany would say).