We have decided to trade in the baby jogging stroller for two 1970 vintage 10-speed bikes and a newish bike trailer and transition to bikes for the next part of the trip. It wasn’t an easy decision. On the upside, the bikes are going to extend both our range and supply line and in the doing allow us to pick where and when we are going to stop. We already have the tent and sleeping bags so camping becomes more of a real option. Financially it makes sense too as with trade-in the whole deal is going to cost about $300 and allow us to break our dependence on hotels. The only foreseeable downside at this point is that we now have more mechanical stuff and the bikes are in an unknown condition but hopefully this will be somewhat offset with Sarah’s bike mechanic experience.

The weather is supposed to clear up to day and although the daytime high is to remain on the coolish side, the rain is supposed to finally go away.

And with that gentle reader, we venture further north towards the unknown land of Hiawatha.