It rained all day on Sunday, June 9th so we hunkered down in our motel room and spent the day washing stuff out, playing cribbage, reading, and watching bad TV. We left first thing Monday morning, made a quick stop at the Aitkin Post Office where I mailed a pair of size 8 women’s Colombiano Verde sandals to a woman in Canada, before girding our respective loins for another day of biking on yet another overcast, cold day; pulling our trailer with a bum axle.

We made our planned 40 miles, plus a few more, before we decided to stop at a campground/RV park on a lake just east of Cromwell. It turned out to have been a wise move as that was the only real camping opportunity for miles. There was nobody else at the park so we were able to pitch our tent right on the lake where the persistent breeze kept the mosquitoes at bay. The sun finally came out about 5 pm so we were able enjoy the rest of the day relaxing. We made a dish of chopped up onion, chilies, and yams that we seasoned with curry powder before wrapping in aluminum foil and cooking on the coals.


It rained once early the next morning but we were still up by 5:30 and packed up and on the road by 6:15 am. It was windless and cloudy but thankfully 5-10 degrees warmer than any of the previous mornings. The sun came out early on and apart from having to stop once to tighten the bearings on the left wheel of the trailer it was a good 22 mile ride all the way into Carlton where we stopped for breakfast. The long awaited bike trail to Duluth was under repair from last year’s floods (June15, 2012) so we had to ride some back roads north/northeasterly stopping periodically to ping people for directions to find egress onto the part that was open.

We were both pretty tired by the time we hit south Duluth an hour later. We’d biked 40 miles by that time and we were unprepared for another hour of biking through the hills of the industrialized southern part of the city.

We ended up finally landing at the Voyageur Lakewalk Inn on S. Superior St. which is right across from Duluth’s  Lake Walk on beautiful Lake Superior. Tomorrow after we reprovision and do some routine bike maintenance we expect to start our ride north in the direction of Two Harbors.