We started Day 13 packing up our stuff to the music of Bob Dylan. Neither of us had the Dylan album that we wanted to hear; namely Highway 61 Revisited. Dylan grew up an hour or so north of Duluth in the Iron Range and Highway 61 is the road that we are pedaling up the north shore of Lake Superior.

We made 45 miles yesterday. The weather held steady in the mid-60s with sunny skies and only the faintest hint of a breeze. There were pockets of cold where the lake effect of the freezing cold waters of Lake Superior opened onto parts of the road and made its presence known like someone opened the refrigerator door.

The country is beautiful, rugged, and the expanse of the lake is immense. The place and extreme physical exertion of pulling the trailer have created this sensation where time has kind of stopped; the past no longer exists, the present is pedaling, and the future consists of only tomorrow.