I awoke to a beautiful sunrise over the entrance to Copper Harbor. I got up at 6 am to make coffee. I woke Sarah up at 6:30 and we were out the door by 7:30. The first 2 miles south out of Copper Harbor was all up hill. That and the next 10 miles were all twisty and turny and Hwy 41 had no shoulders and lots of blind corners so as we learned from our waiter last night it was imperative to leave early to beat any traffic.

We picked up a serious south wind and Sarah shouted, ‘Why can’t we ever get a break from this wind’? She was right. No matter where or which direction we happened to be cycling in the wind was continually against us. Using the glass half full approach, I replied, ‘At least it isn’t a cold wind’ as we weren’t catching a freezing breeze off Lake Superior or a howling wind out of the frigid Canadian wilderness.

In spite of the wind we were having a great ride down the Keweenaw Peninsula through the big tree countryside whose air was redolent with the ever present scents of evergreen, apple blossoms, and blossoming lilac bushes. Lilacs trigger strong childhood memories; I can neither see nor smell lilacs without thinking of my grandmother. The sun was out and the temperature rose to 72 degrees and biking was very pleasant. We stopped after a couple of hours to power up on ice cream at a mom and pop place that featured Mackinaw fudge based ice creams. The teenage girl who served us through the window greeted us with a radiant smile reminding us yet again how Michigan offered a much better visitor experience than dreary old Minnesota.

We stopped for lunch in beautiful little Calumet and ate at Nina’s Diner where we had a nice chat with our waitress. She asked us questions about biking and I in turn asked her questions about her family and her life in Calumet.

The town of Houghton was only a dozen more miles further to the south and was an easy mostly down hill ride from Calumet which was only fair as Calumet approached from the north was mostly an uphill affair for last 5-6 miles. We both enjoyed the final steep twisty 2 mile long plunge into Houghton which finally terminated onto main street after crossing a tall bridge across the river.