It was raining in Houghton when got up and not just a little rain either; it was pouring outside. Watching the local weather on TV the night before had kind of prepared us but still we were very disappointed with what we saw when we looked out the window. My disappointment was more palatable, bordering on depression. We had been fighting the weather for the past 19 days. And we’d only had 3 days of what I’d call good weather; the rest was either rainy, cold, or freezing cold. Every morning began just like every evening ended; all with military like planning sessions that were aimed at calculating strategy and reducing the impact of bad weather.

The morning of Day 20 in Houghton began with one of those sessions. The question on the table was where exactly we wanted to be stranded. The weather for the day (Thursday) was going to be 30% chance of rain; solid rain showers all morning, tapering to intermittent in the afternoon. Friday was forecast to be 40% chance with solid rain showers in the morning and on-off rain in the pm. So the question was whether to wait for the afternoon window and ride for the 40 mile away MassCity or explore other options like leapfrog through the weather using alternative means of transportation and get ourselves to Ironwood by any means necessary. The move on Ironwood would keep us on track schedule wise and Ironwood would have better travel infrastructure (craft beer, internet, and a chance for healthier food) and the Ironwood move would better position us logistically for our assault on Ashland (Wisconsin).

Like I said, our North Country visit was de-evolving to the point where we it seemed like we were spending more time planning and less time riding. And as a morning person the weather was especially frustrating. The first thing I want to do after a quick breakfast is to saddle up and ride; not wait to see what the damn weather might or might not do.