June 2013, The St. Croix River

I shipped 6 pair of sandals to Eric Faust up in Minnesota: 1 pair each of 2 different styles for both him and his wife, a pair for their 3 year old daughter, Ailee, and a pair for his friend and work-mate, Charlie. I also sent my first pair of ‘sold’ running sandals to a guy in California. And I hope everyone likes them (most especially the paying runner guy in California ).

There is no way that my sandals equals Eric’s loan of his canoe but he did happen to admire the ones that Sarah and I were wearing so I promised to send him some for his family. They’re not going to get them until the 1st of August so they won’t have but a whole month maybe to wear them, but still.

If you ever get to Duluth, like maybe for the famous Grandma’s Marathon in June, make sure to stop into the Duluth Coffee Company and say hello to Eric and Charlie; both incredibly nice guys and they have truly great coffee as well.