This is not an unusual storm for this time of year. Rainy season produces skies like this 2 or 3 times per week from June to October. The winds come from the south and the storms come from the east- southeast. Because the storm must first cross the broad agricultural valley to the east I get to see all the drama as it moves towards my house.

The thunder-boomers some nights are so close and so loud that if I happen to be in bed I sometimes follow the storm by counting the seconds between the flash of lightning and the corresponding crack of thunder.


Rainy season produces spectacular afternoon storms and grand breath-taking sunsets.

During the rest of the year – the dry season – it is the just opposite; all of the drama is in the morning. And just about every single morning there are stunning sunrises with big clouds; lots of colors like reds, purples but my favorite are the tangerine clouds.

The agricultural valley to the east has come to be very important to me. It is where I run; that’s where the canal is. And 180 degrees of my terrace points to this  vista. The skies under which these dramas move through and then play out are a big part of my open air life here in Michoacan.