I was asked the other day, ‘Who is Spike Johan’? It seems his name has been popping up in a few places and this acquaintance of mine sent me an email to ask me if I knew the guy. I thought it was most curious that this person framed up the question like it was a huge mystery; like maybe the guy didn’t exist or that maybe he was a mythological figure much in the way of ‘Who is John Galt’?

I replied that I knew the guy; maybe not knew him so much as having met him once or twice and exchanged a few emails with him from time to time. There wasn’t much else to tell. I told this person that every now and then he buys some sandals from me, but other than that I think the guy is a writer.  A friend says he owns a house in Jalisco; in the mountains near Matazmitla I think he said. I get the impression he is always traveling. I think he owns an import/export business in Hong Kong (and he also mentioned Panama). Who knows?