On the way back from the Mercado this morning I stopped at a florist and bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The florist asked me who they were for and I said that they were a gift for my neighbor. She beamed a huge smile and proceeded to make me an extravagantly beautiful mixed bouquet.

I knocked on my neighbor’s gate, the grandfather answered the door and when he saw the flowers in my hand a small storm cloud passed over his face and the first words out of his mouth were, ‘What happened’? I laughed and said, ‘Nothing happened. They are for your wife.’

He called his wife to the door and I gave her the flowers and thanked her again for sweeping the street in front of my house which she does everyday when she sweeps in front of her house. She smiled and thanked me for the flowers and said that the little bit of sweeping that she did was nothing.

The back story to the question ‘What happened’? goes back a few months to the last time that I gave the neighbors flowers. It was by way of an apology for the neighborhood commotion I caused beating on Raoul’s door for so long that my knuckles bled. The details of that night and other interactions with this particular ex-neighbor are covered in several previous posts. Two posts that I can remember are called ‘The Night I Almost Went to Jail’ and ‘Playing Basketball With Raoul’.