This is how the sky looked late yesterday afternoon:


This was looking east from my third floor terrace. Between where the buildings end and the distant mountain lies the valley that I run in most every day.

This weekend is Mexican Independence. Lots (and lots) of fireworks. And lots of festivities that actually started the first of the month and will continue until the end of the month. Fiestas are serious business here.


I was out for a walk yesterday and came upon this very healthy and happy Bird of Paradise:



It’s 9:15 am and I am drinking a licuado (fruit milkshake) loaded up with pinole to power my 10 am run.

At noon I am going to wander down to the plaza to watch the festivities. Ramon has assured me that there will be lots of beautiful and possibly scantily clad women participating in this afternoon’s program.

I hope your Saturday is as nice as this one promises to be.