I just came across this ‘to scale’ sketch layout that I did of my chimney when I was trying to understand both the aesthetic and impact of having a Poseidon missile size thing sticking up through the center of my house. My mother said, ‘don’t do it’. She said that because chimneys are one of those scary architectural things that you can’t do over, simply move, or tear down if you don’t like it. A true statement especially if it’s running up through the center of your house. My lead carpenter agreed and said ‘that thing is huge’. And he was right. At the base the thing measured 7′ X 9′ and when finished would stand 45′ tall. The master mason said after it was finished that the thing weighed upwards of 60 tons.

A bold move but ended up looking and working beautifully. The chimney supported 3 separate fireboxs, each necessitating an appropriate sized flue. So there was a woodstove for the ground floor, a big see-thru fireplace on the main floor and a Franklin design based fireplace on the top level.

I turned over all of the hand-drawn floor plans and house design details that I had created to the people that bought the house from me in 2007 (good timing, eh?).

In 1978 I got my toes wet in the engineering world by first working as a pen and ink draftsman. This was old school stuff: drafting boards, parallel arms, and plastic triangles. Art and engineering! I was hooked.

When I found this sketch that I did in ’99 I was very pleased to see it. I had forgotten all about it.

The back story is I returned to university in ’85 and got an engineering degree. Designing shit is so cool.