I don’t know if this showed up on CNN, but yesterday there was more violence in Los Reyes; another small town just 50 miles south of where I live in the same state of Michoacán.

“Six severed human heads have been found over the last two days in a Mexican town where local people set up a self-defence force to protect against the influence of drug cartels. The heads found on Friday were left at a monument in Los Reyes, Michoacán state prosecutors’ spokesman Alejandro Arellano says. The heads all belong to males and had bullet wounds, The Huffington Post reports. Arellano says a note threatening the town’s ‘self-defence’ group was left near the human remains. Another message was left on Thursday — but authorities refused to reveal its content. ‘Self-defence’ vigilante groups in Los Reyes have clashed with drug traffickers in recent months. These groups have been forming in Michoacan. They say they are battling the kidnapping, murders and other criminal activities the drug cartels are a part of, according to The Latin Times.”

There is a very good chance that the vigilantes and the bad guys knew each other. They probably went to school together. That’s the way it is in my little town. And Octavio Paz said that killing in Mexico is a very personal thing. He more or less suggested that if you are getting yourself murdered then there is a very good chance you know who is killing you and why.

There is so very little accountability in this day and age that somehow that degree of personalization resonates with me; albeit in a somewhat perverse way. I mean if you’re going to have sex with a woman I hope you know her well enough to like her or better yet love her. And if you are going to kill a man then I hope you know him well enough to hate him.

Contrast this to that guy who just recently walked into the Navy Yard (in my old neighborhood in southeast Washington, DC) and indiscriminately murdered 12 people and wounded a bunch of others. Or this past Boston Marathon; 2 guys killing people they didn’t even know. Or how about…