I joked with my local friends today as I waved my new driver’s license around, ‘Soy Mexicano’ (I am Mexican). They laughed obligingly.

By all rights, I shouldn’t have been able to get a Mexican license, because as the license bureau pointed out, I am not a Mexican. I am not even a resident and I am here on a tourist visa.

Fortuitously, I applied some months ago with the same City Hall to be on record as having an address here in Sahuayo (and the electricity bill is in my name) so my argument was, ‘But I live here.’

I am certain that logic was bent in many directions over the next 3 and 1/2 hours.  There were two phone calls to the US, several phone calls to the state capital of Morelia, and numerous in office consultations. And however obtuse it might sound, in the end  it might have been my friend Manolo’s sage opinion – ‘that I needed a driver’s license to be able to rent cars in Guadalajara’ – that proved to be the tipping point.

But then again, this Mexico so, ‘Quien sabe’? Who knows?

Here are a couple of photos taken over the last couple of days:


                                                     Another beautiful sunrise.


Have you ever seen the end of the rainbow? That’s it right there, illuminating the ancient Aztec village of Totolán. It kind of gave me the shivers as Owen Meany would say.


These mountains to the east can appear and disappear several times during the course of a day. I love moments like this when the vista opens up and there is but the bottom of a cloud gently shrouding the top of this one mountain.