According to CBS News today there was a violent battle between the local Jalisco bad guys and the police in the city of Guadalajara that involved – get this – hand grenades. Worse, one of the hand grenades was linked to a man that was well known to the United States Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

3 cops and 4 bad guys were killed. The shootout was captured by locals on video. The 5 bad guys involved used at least 9 firearms and 10 grenades in the exchange.

I want to point out a couple of things that most American’s don’t seem to understand. This problem is much more ours than Mexico’s; it’s just that most of the carnage happens here which makes it seem like it’s all about Mexico.

But that’s wrong.

First, if the US didn’t have such a strong appetite for drugs then the supply-side related problems would cease to exist. Second, same for the weapons. If the US didn’t provide them then the bad guys wouldn’t be using things like automatic weapons and grenades. They’d be using single-shot .22 cal. rifles which is about the only thing you can buy down here.

Third, Money-laundering. If banking institutions in the rest of the world didn’t launder the cash money the whole business would come to a screeching halt. To the best of my knowledge you can’t do dope deals with a Visa card.

So, let’s recap. The Mexican drug problem and the resulting violence here has four components: Supply, Demand, Weapons, and Money-laundering. And three of those four parts just happen to lie somewhere north of the Rio Grande.

So it’s probably more fair to call it the American drug problem isn’t it?

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