The power in Sahuayo, Michoacan went off shortly before midnight on Saturday and was not restored until 8:30 am the following morning.

According to the Guardian this morning , my favorite newspaper [British], it was the local bad guys (responding to the vigilantes) who did it.

“The escalating conflict between self-defence groups from the western Mexican state of Michoacán and the Knights Templar drug cartel triggered a shootout in the centre of a major city and attacks on power stations leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity over the weekend.

The clashes were sparked on Saturday when self-defence groups formed in several outlying towns in the Tierra Caliente, or Hot Lands, region marched on Apatzingán, the biggest city in the area and a key bastion of the cartel…

…The response began quickly with near simultaneous attacks on power plants around the state soon after midnight. At least four petrol stations were also torched, including two in the state capital, Morelia”.

The Knights Templar are the local bad guys here in Sahuayo and the major power in the rest of the state of Michoacan. They’re presently fighting a war on 3 fronts: the Federales, the vigilantes, and the New Generation Cartel from the bordering state of Jalisco. Note: the state of Jalisco is just 30 miles north of Sahuayo, Michoacan where I live and as such Sahuayo is highly contested territory.

But the bad guys attacking power plants – who would have thought?

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PS – If you remember, it was the noble Guardian newspaper that ‘outed’ Eric Snowden.