My comment this morning to the New York Times article ‘As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry’ was flagged by the paper as a NYTimes ‘Pick’. I am pretty happy about that.

You can find my comment here – or read it below –

“This is the 21st century and not the 18th century and people no longer attend university to become educated gentlefolk; or shouldn’t anyway.

When my daughter came to me 6 years ago for money for university I said ‘sure I’ll help but if you accept my money, we’re business partners and I won’t finance any non-science degree’. The reality is that there is not a big demand out there for people trained in the humanities.

I am an electrical engineer and worked in that profession for 25 years before giving it up to move to Mexico to make the best sandals in the world. My engineering education never stood in the way of way of travel or an appreciation for the arts. As a creative writing professor pointed out years ago ‘you don’t need a MFA to write’. And he was right. I am writing my second novel and publishing weekly to a blog about living in Mexico.

Oh, my daughter? She finished her BS in Bio-chemistry at UC Davis before going onto GW University where she obtained a MS in Systems Engineering this past spring. Now she is doing her post-grad work on the west coast.

When she leaves university with her science PhD she will have lots of career choices. The same can’t be said for those graduating with humanities degrees.

Me? I am just the Mexican sandal guy these days; by my choice.”