Electronically speaking, I am way out in the proverbial woods in more ways than one. I live in Mexico and all my devices from phone to laptop are reaching their end of life.My Nexus One (the original Google phone) will be 4 years old in January and its battery, if nothing else, is only a few months away from failing. My 10″ Lenovo netbook (great keyboard) is the same age and now makes grinding noises on power up.

I am returning to the states for a brief visit next month so it is imperative that I replace a few items while I am there to take advantage of the lower prices and better availability of the higher end stuff.

There are a couple of problems however. I can’t seem to find either the right phone or the right laptop that I want at the right price points.

Regarding the laptop, there are the cheap and light chromebooks but they fail my selection criteria because their design proposition presumes 100% connectivity and cloud-computing. At the other end of the spectrum, the ultrabooks fail because they are just too damned expensive (and who wants some hybrid Windows 8 device anyway?). And the smaller, more traditional netbooks don’t make the grade because they are [still] too damned underpowered.

Phones. Too many problems [for me] with companies like Samsung selling so many phone products that have just enough differentiations to be majorly annoying which makes it too easy to buy the wrong phone (outdated specs) and still pay the big asking price.

What [ideally] do I want in a phone? Dual SIMs, dual core (not quad), Android 4.3, NFC, expandable with a decent amount of memory, and of course the latest version of bluetooth.

What do I want in a laptop? Small form factor  10″ – 12″, light, dual or quad core, Windows 7 – 64 bit, traditional and easy accessible hardrive, and RAM to at least 4 Gb.

So what am I going to buy? Phone? – nothing for another 6 months. I will buy a replacement battery as insurance for my Nexus One ($10 from Amazon) and try to keep it going in the mean time. Laptop? – nothing for right now. I have a bootable mirror-imaged hard drive for my netbook in standby so it will be an easy fix when the present one makes its lastly grinding noise and fails.

But I am going to do a stop-gap by purchasing a 7″ tablet – the newest Nexus 7 32Gb LTE that does support NFC and USB OTG. It also has GSM phone infrastructure built into it but doesn’t make calls (why Google?). The 4G LTE piece is ostensibly for data but who really knows because Google isn’t talking. Will a newer version of Android (4.5?) provide a dialer? I mean do they really expect people to buy a separate SIM (and data plan) for this tablet or do they expect people to move their existing SIM from their phone to tablet to phone? The good news, while the 32Gb Nexus 7 is unexpandable via micro-SD, it does support USB OTG; which theoretically anyway seems to be much better. And it supports NFC; which I think is going to become increasingly more important as we roll into the future.

Oh, and I am buying a cheap bluetooth QWERTY keyboard to use with this new tablet. A man’s got to be able to blog, right?