Sunrise, imminent –


It’s 49 degrees outside; winter, cold for here. Thankfully it’s still 70 degrees in the house where the brick locked in the heat for the night. No one here has heating or air-conditioning. The sun will warm the air and in 2 hours it will be 65 degrees. In another 2 hours it will be 75 degrees. In my 3rd floor workroom the temperature will rise to 80 degrees and I can go back to plodding around barefoot in my usual attire of boxer shorts.

I am reading from a Kindle: ‘After Visiting Friends’. I finished ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’, ‘Overboard: A True Blue-water Odyssey of Disaster and Survival’, and ‘The Angry Women Suite’.

I am grateful for the gift of the Flintstone era Kindle (version 1), but reading the electronic words [to me] is not the same as reading the words printed on paper.

Thoughts on words, reading, writing:

  • Handwritten: notes on paper, journals, lab notes, scribbles; anything done on paper in  pencil or ink positively gives me the shivers (and I don’t know why).
  • Typed words on paper: or better – sheaves of typed words on paper – are almost as good as pencil or ink. I am reminded of Kerouac ‘the typewriter is holy’ kind of thing.
  • eBooks: to my mind it’s like seeing the words viewed through glass smeared with vaseline. And that analogy is not tied to the retinal display quality of your expensive eReader but more about how my soul is incapable of latching onto the sentences in any meaningful way. More like where the neurons in my brain refuse to bridge properly like there is some kind of dyslexia thing at work reminding me of the awkwardness of being left-handed (which I am) in a right-handed world. And there is just something so fundamentally soul-suckingly wrong about the whole thing. I could probably continue on with another 5 pages on just why exactly eBooks piss me off so much but I’ll save that rant for another time.
  • Audio books: Just Plain Wrong. It’s one thing when your mother read to you as a child (and she better have!). But an actor? With a famously recognizable voice? Criminal. Indictable. Death sentence. Axe. Guillotine. Rolling bouncing head with blood matted hair smeared across eyes with the thousand yard stare (that should of just read the f***ing book).