We were talking about all the insane local violence and how the local bad guys are now snatching people in broad daylight; in front of people, with some of the more audacious snatches occurring even in the churches.

He said that the bad guys were working 24/7 these days and everybody was worried. Like people aren’t going out in the evening it’s that bad.

Pancho’s got the most successful and busy cantina in town and I asked him why no one has put the finger on him. He said that one of the chief bad guys (like in the top 5) was in his cantina a few days ago and gave him his personal mobile number and said, ‘If anyone bothers you, call me; day or night’.

So when someone tried to break into the nearby Red Devil Cantina a couple of days ago Pancho dialed the number and spoke with the man. Within minutes there were people at the Red Devil asking questions.

I said, ‘What about this gringo? Do I need to be worried’?

He peered up at me over his reading glasses, paused and smiled, ‘They know you. You’re fine’.

Chilling, but comforting.