And I am going to hate them even more after they merge with US Airways; creating the world’s largest and quite possibly most inefficient airline company this side of Aeroflot.

AA majorly dicked me (and a bunch of other people) around when they had their pilots’ strike a dozen or so years ago. I landed in Miami, coming back from S. America, to witness total airport chaos, lots and lots of angry people, and flashing boards with ‘cancelled’ repeated over and over. My angry face, according to a buddy of mine, actually showed up on national TV.

It took me 3 flights and 24 hours to get from Miami to California. I was steaming mad and made sure to give the pilots of each flight the finger while deboarding. I reckon a person would probably go to jail for that now (as well as end up on the evil no-fly list).

So in America we are royally f***ked. We have no train system that’s worth a damn. Greyhound? Forget about it. So we are left to the mercy of the assholes that run our unapologetic and increasingly more inefficient airlines.

Today, I hope to leave for Oregon. But I hoped that yesterday. Granted, ice-storms are deal breakers but AA is still using the cover of yesterday’s storm around DFW to cancel flights today. Everyone else seems to be flying out of DFW but AA.

In my case, American Airlines says that Flt. 387 is on schedule for an on time 4:25 pm departure time from GDL (Guadalajara) arriving DFW on time at 6:45 pm.

That’s good.

However, the inbound Flt. 387 from DFW to GDL has been cancelled; so how they are going to service my flight remains a mystery to me.

But I am going to the Guadalajara airport anyway. I spent 2 hours on hold with AA this morning trying to reconcile this discrepancy before my call got dropped.

But, the for GDL confirms an outbound coshare flight (Quantas/BA/AA) to DFW at 4:25 pm; which is good.

However, instinct tells me that AA is going use the a later DFW – GDL flight to get the Flight 387 passengers back to to DFW. So I expect to spend upwards of  5 additional hours in the airport because the bastards at AA want to consolidate the 2 flights to maximize profits.

And instead of doing the right customer service posting thing by announcing a departure change; they are cloaking all of this as collateral storm damage.

I hate American Airlines.