AA Flight 1568 had a 2 hour late departure out of DFW yesterday. There were the usual and expected inefficiencies that always accompanies dealing with things like the bureaucracies of storm aftermath like a long bevy of wait-listed passengers (18!) and de-icing.

But the primary cause of the flight delay – as they announced – was that the crew were waiting for the first officer (co-pilot) to show up. And for whatever reason everyone sat and twiddled their thumbs until an hour after our scheduled departure time of 9:20 am,  when the guy finally turned up and they started the boarding process.

Somehow in all that dicking around no food managed to make it’s way on board so when the planned 4 hour flight became 6 hours there were some very unsatisfied and hungry passengers.

On landing the pilot fatuously thanked us for our ‘patience and understanding’.

Exiting the aircraft I stuck my head in the cockpit and asked, ‘Who is the first officer’? Both men looked at me and the one in the right hand seat said’ ‘I am’. I took the Casio watch off my wrist and handed it to him and said, ‘Next time it might help you get to the airport on time’.

I smiled thinking, ‘Skewered’!