It is still pissing down rain and I was told it will continue for the next 3 days; mother nature is acting like she’s completely ignorant of the fact that it is the Dry Season. There is so much rain in fact there are torrents of water pouring down my street and every other street that points westerly in an uphill direction. With downpours like this it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why some of the sidewalks and curbs are 2 feet high.

The weather here isn’t typically a mystery. There is wet season that runs from April to October and dry season that runs from November through March. But there are anomalies like today. And I’d know more about the local weather if I had a TV but I can’t break a 25 year old tradition just for the sake of getting better weather intel.

But being TV-less didn’t give me 19 siblings like it did Roberto to whom I just spoke with in the Mercado. He asked me what I was doing at my house for Christmas and I told him that I had an invitation elsewhere. I asked him about his plans and he said the women in his family had been cooking up a storm and he continued on to say that he had a big family as in 15 brothers and 4 sisters. I said ‘You’re kidding me, right? I know there’s big Mexican families but 20 kids, come on’? We had a big laugh when he said that his parents never got much into the habit of watching a lot of TV.