The sun hasn’t been seen in 6 or 7 days. The heat from the sun is how we warm our houses in this part of the world. It is winter here just like it is everywhere else in the northern hemisphere. The climate this far south and at this elevation (5000 ft.) is more moderate; or supposed to be anyway. It’s not supposed to be raining either because it’s dry season but it is and has been for the last 6 straight days.

We have an additional problem here that I might have mentioned in some other post. The city hasn’t supplied water for over two weeks and the rumor is that the pump won’t be fixed until sometime next month. The water authorities stop gap plan is driving a water truck around and filling up people’s subterranean reservoirs as they go empty.

I could never get the lid off the cover to mine – too heavy, rusted shut – so I bought myself a big old pry-bar at the hardware store on the way back from breakfast this morning and just short of a hernia and throwing my back out I managed to get the damn thing off.

It appears to be quite full. I stuck my head down as far as a I safely could and shown a flashlight around but whether it has 5000 liters or 50,000 liters is anyone’s best guess. I investigated the best I could without falling in which I reckoned at the time could have been a life-threatening situation; thinking wisely at the time that it might be better to skip a shower or two then to drown.

Until yesterday, the very idea of showering was too unappealing to contemplate anyway. Too butt numbing cold in the house to even imagine stripping off 3 sweaters, a t-shirt, fleece vest, wool hat and flannel PJs. Better to smell a bit off then to freeze.

Showering wasn’t even an option on the 24th, the 25th, and [almost] the 26th. My propane tank went dry Christmas Eve which I discovered when my pot of beans quit boiling. I called in an order for a new tank the day after Christmas only to be told that I’d be put on the list and that it might be a couple of days. Screw that. I stood out in front of my house and before an hour was up I was able to chase a truck down in my multi-layered ensemble – right down to the plaid PJs – and was able to get a fresh tank of gas.

The heat problem got solved yesterday.My clothes were getting smelly so I grabbed a cab and dashed out to Sorriana and bought myself an electric space heater. It was the best thirty-five bucks I’ve ever spent. It might not heat the house and the electric meter might be twirling but with the thing sitting 6″ away I am warm and toasty for the first time in a week.