That’s the British paper that ‘outed’ Edward Snowden.

I was the 290th comment this morning to the realistically speculative article entitled ‘Which will be the 15 big economies in 15 years? It’s not a done deal’.

Read the article here –

My comment was in general agreement with the author of the article and what I wrote is as follows:

“The opening line states ‘it is a puzzle’ over which countries are going to be the top economies in the coming years.

Years ago when FDR was structuring the New Deal to pull the US out of the Great Depression he interviewed many economists for advice. His consensus was that if you took every economist in the world and put them in a line that they’d all face in different directions.

So I will agree with the author of this article that the relative strengths of country’s future economies is anybody’s best guess.

I believe that a country’s ability to create value and be innovate; supported by their respective governments through rightful policy and just generally staying the hell out of the way is going to be one of the key deciders.

I’ve worked as an engineer in China and India and many other countries. And my observation is that merely have a large population is no guarantee of success.

I presently live in Mexico; the land of MexiCANs. There is an abundance of optimism here that you don’t see on the more affluent side of their northern border.

My prediction is that as oil and transportation prices continue to rise we are once again going to see more products being produced closer to home. Which in the US’s case is going to be Mexico, not China and India.”