I love this place. I love these people. Never have I been treated so kindly in all my life as I have this past year and a half in Mexico.

I exchanged greetings with this old woman this morning as I have done on many other occasions. She radiates a warmth and love that reminds me of my late grandmother, the saintliest woman I have ever known in my life. We usually just exchange a few words and a smile but this morning she took my hand in both of hers and looked at me lovingly as she wished me a Happy and good New Year before leaning up to kiss me on the cheek and then gave me a warm embrace. The joy from that simple encounter left me breathlessly happy.

On my way back after lunch I saw my friend, Jorge for the first time since he lost his 20-something year old son late last year to the violence. I expressed my heartfelt condolences and told him that I saw him that morning when he followed his son’s coffin into the church. I told him he did so with such dignity that even when I think of it today it brings tears to my eyes.

There are many more stories to tell but not enough room in these posts to capture even a small percentage of how much these people have affected me.

May God bless each and everyone.