going to be a dental floss tycoon’ (shamelessly stolen from Frank Zappa’s classic song ‘Montana’).

While Investigating the lyrics to Montana on wiki I discovered something I didn’t know about the song and that is that Tina Turner and the Ikettes (remember the infamous Ike Turner?) sang chorus on that 1973 ‘hit’.

My college roommate – The No-Eyes – dragged me to see Zappa perform in ’75 and I’ve been a big fan ever since. I heartily recommend his brilliant ‘One Size Fits All’ if you’re a newbie.

Zappa was one of the greatest rock guitarists (ever). Playful, experimental, and lyrically as crazy as a shithouse rat. The cover to his album (and the album itself) ‘We’re Only in It for the Money’ was a tremendous parody of the Beatles ‘Sgt. Peppers’; underscoring the hypocrisy of those that grew fat off the peace love generation.

And the fact that he had George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, and Ruth Underwood in his band ‘The Mothers of Invention’ was further testimony to his musical genius.

But I digress.

I am not moving to Miami. I am only going to Miami. For 2 weeks. The plan is to sort out my Mexican immigration problem and then to possibly kill two birds with one stone (is that metaphor still allowed in the US? PETA?) and see if I can’t sell some sandals too.

Listen to some Zappa – loud – like I am doing right now. It will put a smile on your face. ‘Over-Nite Sensation’ and ‘Apostrophe’ are also highly recommended.