Also too good to keep to myself:

“We were sitting in the bowling alley, pretty drunk when Dan decides that it was breakfast time and ‘shouldn’t we go down to Carla’s Café?’

It was 1:30 a.m. and a 30 mile drive but hell, I was too drunk to care.

As we were leaving, found out that Highway 21 was closed , bad ice, but Dan was determined to have breakfast at Carla’s.

I had already given him my keys, so Charley and Dan were in the front and I stretched out in the back.

Needless to say I passed out.

It was the freezing cold that  woke me up, shivering I see that I am buck naked and covered with blood!

Looking around I see that I am still in the back seat and that my car is parked in front of Carla’s  under the street light.

Oh shit! I am doing a double panic; modestly trying to cover up,  frenetically searching  myself  with my hands trying to figure out how bad I am hurt with my teeth chattering like castanets.

Looking through the window of Carla’s I see Dan and Charley just laughing their asses off.

Come to find out what had happened was that they picked up this old native hootch that was hitchhiking, she climbed into the back seat and proceeded to rape me.

And the blood?

Well, go figure – she was having her period”.