I had a long coffee break with my friend, Manolo and in the doing met another one of his friends. Geraldo is going to teach me the car business. How cool is that?

I am not interested in cars. In fact the last one I bought was way back in 1990. But I am interested in finding out how the system of buying cars in the US and selling them in Mexico works.

It’s not so much the buying and selling piece that I am interested in but learning how the Customs piece works. How to get a vehicle across the border legally and manage the paperwork for re-sale on the Mexican side.

And it’s not just that, but Geraldo has a house up in Chihuahua; a place that I’ve never been. So I get to see that part of Mexico too. And he crosses the border in Juarez – dangerous old Juarez –  so I get to learn about that too.

And then there is the choosing the right vehicle that has the best Mexican re-sale value; another interesting skill to aquire.

And it stands to reason that if I can learn how to move something as big and complicated as a car across the border legally for re-sale then I should be able to figure out how to do the smaller stuff. And the cars are insured on the Mexican side, which is again something else to learn.

Take sandals to the US and come back with a car? Is that the way it’s going to work? Who knows? But that’s not the point.

What is the point is I get to learn some new stuff and learn it from someone who a) is trustworthy and b) an expert at it and c) very successful.

If this subject would have come up 6 months I would have laughed and told them I wasn’t the right guy. But now it sounds like a very interesting opportunity to learn about another way of life: buying, selling, importing, and exporting. Things that had never really crossed my mind before.

And I am having a separate conversation with an ex-Mexican consular official about opening a sahara sandal® and shoe store down in Mexico City.

I think that there could be some tremendous business opportunities down here. I just need to follow Manolo’s advice  –  ‘Phillip’ , he has told me a dozen times over the last year, ‘Open your mind’.

I love this country. I might end up dead broke or disappearing into some outlaw revolution like Ambrose Bierce did a 100 years ago. But it sure as hell has to beat dying of a heart attack sitting behind some desk in Washington, DC.

I also get to write everyday, and about things I am interested in. Daily I get to tease tiny kids and play with little dogs and exchange sincere words with sincere people. And how cool is that?