The Caballero, not pretentiously hip like the 30-something year old yoga teacher -you know the one – the semi- drop out “not into it for the money” (what money anyway?). But wants the least costly lifestyle in terms of not just real dollars but one that carries with it those intangible spiritual qualities and includes the least amount of work, sacrifice, pain, or suffering.

Then of course the American yogic tradition leads one to that higher moral ground; where there is that selflessness that came by way of their virtue of renouncement; especially if they live green: faithfully recycle, eschew plastic bags and all of that.

 Then they have the important life lessons for their lesser fortunate neighbors and devotees – the fat and stupid suburbanite who only gets to the gym twice a week for the classes. How intimidating that must be!

The yoga teacher has the perfect body which combined with their incredible spiritually makes for the complete person: the all knowing, the life master.

 The caballero essentially has nothing more than a bed, a saddle, and a horse. He can’t necessarily say that he chose poverty but maybe the hard life was something he had the misfortune to be born into.

Consequently the caballero is principally a man of sadness; there is no future for a man whose life is rooted in the past.

Still he proudly sits in the saddle. It must give him great satisfaction to know that he could kick the living shit out of anyone of those weekenders that rent a horse from him.

And if he were to lose a fight, he could suck up the pain and be back in the saddle the same day.

It is extraordinary to watch him commander an 800 lb. beast; he makes it look so easy that the uninitiated might easily under appreciate his courage and skill.

Those who know horses see them for what they are: treacherous, sometimes lazy, always superstitious; where even the finest horse can get his rider killed with a simple misstep or a sudden spook.

Watching a male horse piss is like watching a high pressure fire hose discharge. The stallion spreads his rear legs in a clear message that something serious is about to happen.

The caballero is quite sure the horse is mocking the master; peeing with such ferocity that a mere human can only marvel.