The media have made only a few passing comments since it was reported missing by an amateur astronomer in December.

Most news anchors agreed that there was nothing to worry about; that it would be back in its usual place in the next month or two.

The viewing public have mostly ignored the situation.

Indigenous people world-wide are sorely perplexed; worried about next year’s crops.

The tribes in the south are speaking about virgin sacrifices for the first time in five centuries.

The northern politicians have been discussing the situation with the experts, mostly off of the record of course. The experts opined that losing an entire astronomical body, especially one that close to earth was probably going to be a bad thing.

Wal-Mart started stocking telescopes; even going so far as to create a new aisle for them unsurprisingly called ‘Telescopes’. (They even beefed up the flashlight and battery areas)

The signs above the aisle are written in both English and Spanish; bilingual signs being pretty customary these days.

 The politicians met and reasoned together saying that while public fright was good, public panic was bad. So the decision was made to quietly keep an eye on the situation and use the usual political hoodoo voodoo: the ruling liberal party would blame the right wing establishment for complicity but not go so far as to charge them with crimes against humanity.

 Yet the fact of the matter still remains. The moon has fallen from the sky.