Yeveshenko once wrote that ‘Love was astonishment’.

I was thirty-five when I read that for the first time and I remember thinking, or rather shouting then out loud, ‘Yes!’ as I told my woman that here was finally the poetical alchemist who discovered the single most important ingredient in the magic potion of romantic love.

After much thought I concluded that astonishment was something akin to the surprise where there was a huge reward awaiting for seemingly something but having done nothing to deserve it.

My relationships from then on, though plentiful, and not totally with out joy became increasingly more disappointing as I realized that few women could surprise a man, let alone themselves. This eventually saddened me.

Pound concluded in Cino, ‘Bah! I have sung women in three cities. But it is all the same; and I will sing of the sun.’

As a footnote I will say that people in modern relationships who  ‘settle’ or negotiate are both options that I personally find dreary, loveless and mercenary.