An introduction this morning got me thinking about the subject of gratitude.

My buddy, Bob Hazy back in California told me years ago that he can forgive just about everything except ingratitude. And I know only 2 or 3 other people that feel the same way; or least have communicated so; in which ever way.

My friend, M. Loh in Singapore positively hates ungrateful people. His blog is full of examples of him slamming one thoughtless asshole after another. I am another one of those people. I’ll forgive you but damn, you better apologize to me at some point.

I can speak experientially here because as for me, I am grateful for every step up the ladder and every helping hand that I have received over the course of my miserable little life. At one point in my young life I was so poor and wretched that if it hadn’t been for a dear friend and his loving mother I might have disappeared all together.

I did the ‘people lookup’ thing a year or two ago to try and find some people that were MIA from my life and the only one I found was a guy by the name of Jeff McHargue, now living in Houston, Texas. I hadn’t spoken with the guy in almost 30 years but his phone number was listed so I called him to not just say hello but also to thank him for giving me that leg up so many years ago that changed my life.

There are other people that I need to thank: some for the first time and some for that second or third time. I might not do it publicly – and how necessary is that really anyway? – but know in my heart I remember each and everyone of you.