And so opens the beginning to Hunter S Thompson’s famous ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. And I had such a moment of fear yesterday when I was in Walgreens buying some sundry items and the clerk rang up 14 dollars and some odd change and I said that was ‘too much’.

She said that I needed to be a member to get the savings. I said I didn’t want to become a member. She said just plug in your phone number and you will become a member.

I punched in my Mexican number. She said,’you are already a member’.

I thought how can this be? I don’t shop in Walgreens. There isn’t a Walgreens in Mexico and I didn’t shop in Walgreens when I lived in Washington, DC.

I said, ‘Oh that’s interesting (how can that be)’?

She said, ‘I don’t know, Spike but you’re already a member’.

I thought , There must be some kind of conspiracy at work here because Spike doesn’t exist and you don’t have that area code because it’s a Mexican area code’.

And when I looked up, her face began to take on this feral cast…