I’m going to keep this short because writing without a keyboard is really weird. Is it really even writing? I am also so sleep deprived that I’m pretty punchy at this point (there is a speaker from the restaurant next door that plays loud music from early in the morning until late at night. But that is another story…)

Getting used to the speech to text function of this Nexus 7 LTE is going to take some getting use to but I have to say that I absolutely love this device (and I am not a pushover for consumer electronics by any stretch of the imagination).

Miami is mind blowing. I’d forgotten how big and wonderful this city was and how diverse. I only have to walk a block from where I’m staying and I’ll hear half a dozen different languages spoken.

Public transportation here is incredibly smooth easy and cheap. I am now a master of the bus system although I still have random problems with maps. By confusing Avenue with Street – it ended me up in like a completely different place when looking for the Mexican Consulate this morning. But that was a small matter.

After a very successful visit with a consular official at the Mexican Consulate I made it up to Little Havana for lunch and a cigar. My friend, Mike Loh, all the way from Singapore, recommended the Little Havana Cigar Factory (a truly awesome cigar store). And one of the employees of the cigar place recommended a Cuban restaurant which coincidentally was right across the street and was excellent, not to mention cheap; try 6.99 for one of the daily specials which was twice as much food as I could eat and delicious.

There have been random acts of kindness directed in my direction which has also been truly amazing. But I will save that for another post…