The busness development guy – tried as I could – just didn’t work out. To use a baseball analogy, even with the extra coaching and slow pitching, I couldn’t get him onto first base.

An example. The day before I left Mexico I was busy doing 20 things at once and I emailed the guy and said please reply to this email with your telephone number and your contact info.

His reply was that he wanted to connect up via LinkedIn. I replied and said fine, just as soon as you send me your telephone number and your contact info. He replied back and said that it was on Linkedin and then very condescendingly added, ‘And how may I help you’?

I think we need to revisit the whole capital crimes and punishment thing. I believe the reason why a lot of people get themselves murdered is the fact that they don’t do their job, either in their personal or professional life. If that’s true then it’s entirely quite possible that we have been approaching the issue of capital punishment from the wrong angle.

So instead of punishing the murderers, maybe we should start executing those people on the other end of the spectrum, those people who don’t do their jobs. And you might ask, ‘Well, who is capable of judging such offenses? And who could pick the jurys’?

I think I could do that job.