I just came back from dinner at the very inexpensive Cuban restaurant 4 blocks around the corner from where I am staying in South Beach. It was Friday night so it was counter space only so I sat next to a tall skinny beautiful blonde from Australia who obviously turned out to be a model. She had her bag parked on my stool but we worked things out even though she was a little bit drunk. We ended up becoming friends kinda and she took my business card and I showed them my sandals that I was wearing and they (her and her makeup assistant) promised to get a hold of me tomorrow morning and buy some sandals.

Then a medical software salesman sat down after they left and we had a nice long chat and he gave me some advice about how to sell and market things.

And then a scientist from Belgium sat down on the other side of me and we had a chat about life, raising daughters, sandals and all that good stuff.

Dinner was fun and did a bit of networking too. How cool is that?