I had dinner there yesterday (and lunch).They had tongue on the specials side of the menu and that’s what I ordered for dinner. The guy who sat down on the stool to left of me saw what I was eating and that’s what he ordered too; that’s how good it looked. The tongue was served up in a dish in a huge monolithic slab that someone then had taken and cut lengthwise with a very sharp knife. It was fall apart tender. I’ve become accustomed to see tongue all chopped up so this was different, but in good way.

The black beans came in a separate dish and a big scoop of white rice surrounded by sweet fried plantains was served on a plate. The separate dish thing, I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it’s not about presentation. Somehow I think the Cubans are just kind of particular about keeping their colors separate.

I am still operating in severe sleep deprivation mode at this point so my cognitive functions are deeply limited; further exacerbated by the editing functions on the 7 inch tablet, but I’ll get to that later.

My go to meal for lunch at this place is their excellent fish stew. It’s light and tasty; not too much and not too little. I always sit at the counter and don’t bother with the dining room anymore. It’s easier and the opportunity for social interaction is better.

The young guy sitting on the stool to the right of me was a window designer from New York down in Miami Beach on business for a few days. He was surprisingly ungay but not  unsurprisingly tattooed.  We chatted around stuffing our faces. I asked him what differentiated him from everyone else in his business – you got to be good if someone flies you all the way from NYC – or in other words, what was it that he did that made him good at his job? I loved his answer. ‘It was all in the details’, he said, ‘taking care of the little things’.

I took a very long bus ride up to Ventura to visit the mall so that I could buy polo shirts for my friend Manolo in Mexico. The long ride – try 5th St. to 199th St. – gave me an opportunity to think about sleep deprivation and how that feels as opposed to being hungover. To be sleep deprived is like wandering around in an immense fog. To be hungover is typically more about a headache and maybe some nausea. But for the most part you can still think with  a hangover. Where on the other hand being in a sleep deprived state is like having your intelligence ratcheted back by 50 percent or more. Being both sleep deprived and hungover ironically produces an ephoric feeling the morning after.  One further note on the subject, I have discovered experentially that you can neither drink yourself through or around sleep deprivation; unintuitive but true.

Manolo requested polo shirts in ‘spring and summer colors’. You got to be very sure of your masculinity to say something like that. Although I must say that’s a style concept quite novel to someone like me who wears only white or navy blue t shirts 12 months out of the year. But whatever. Still it’s likes talking about fashion in a way that I haven’t thought about in 30 years. Color?

PS – A note on this tablet: First a head’s up to Google – Do More Software Testing Before You Release A Product!  (is the text equivalent of screaming supposed to be done all in caps? Or just the first letters?). Second, for those of you eagerly awaiting the latest release of Android version 4.4.2 – be aware that it has some significant bugs. Cut and paste doesn’t even workwork in this version on Google native products like the Nexus and I’ve been discovering that trying to do something like a Bluetooth file transfer is extremely problematic. And there are other issues too like problems with editing functions in different pages that are opened in the Chrome browser (another Google product). But I’ll rant more on that subject later.

PPS – If this post is more chopped up and less coherent than previous, you know why.

PPPS – I just got an email asking me about the sleep deprivation and my answer back was it’s the damned outdoor restaurant next door that plays music until 12 a.m. / 1 a.m. My white noise generator can deal with just about everything except bass. And one of their speakers is only 15-20 ft. from my wall and window.

PPPPS- I am a morning person which means that my creative operational hours are typically between 5 a.m. And 10:00 a.m. which gets totally skewed when somebody’s dicking with my time in the middle of (my) night.

Please just kill me. Six days without REM is intolerable…