I am back in the land of smiling people and happy faces. Joy.

I awoke this morning after 9 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep to the clanging of surround-sound church bells.The sun will be cresting the mountains to the east in another 45 minutes which is when I will open the doors to the terrace and watch the sun rise. Bliss.

I am drinking a cup of dark roast Chiapas coffee while sitting at my worktable contemplating a healthy stress-free day which will mostly be spent wandering through the returning fragments of my once sleep deprived mind. Happiness.

In 90 minutes I will head down to the Mercado. But first I will pick up a large cup of fresh squeezed carrot and orange juice from my neighbor then head to Gaby’s for some eggs in green salsa, beans, and handmade tortillas straight off the grill. Tasty nourishing goodness.

This day in Mexico, just like every other day here, will be spent working. My work. Done at my pace. On what I am interested in. Satisfaction (as in the Isaiah 55:1-2 variety of satisfaction).

Then a cigar and a couple of beers to seal the day as the sun sets while seated on the terrace in a gentle breeze from which to contemplate the quiet pleasure of cooking dinner. Joy.